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06.10.2017 News

Eurovent certification brings the world’s leading filter manufacturers to Espoo for testing

06.10.2017 News

Most building product type approval decrees will expire on 31 December 2017 – What will happen to type approvals?

05.10.2017 News

Cold, hot and wet – environmental testing of large machines in Vihti

05.09.2017 News

A new international ISO standard to serve as a basis of occupational health and safety systems

19.06.2017 Customer story

KaVo Kerr Group Finland ensured through testing that its packaging protects the product from transport-induced stresses

15.06.2017 News

ISO 27001 information security system certification helps manage information security risks

14.06.2017 News

The test track is not for racing but the testing of work machines

08.06.2017 News

Prerequisites for good indoor air – 6 key factors

21.04.2017 Customer story

Vallox Oy uses the VTT product certificate to prove the functioning of their products under real conditions

10.04.2017 Customer story

The change in air filter standard from a manufacturer's perspective

04.04.2017 Customer story

Riding with a boat surveyor - Aquador 35aq, the new model from Bella Boats under inspection

03.04.2017 Customer story

Katko's key to success and position as a pioneer: product development is based on customer service

31.03.2017 News

New regulation brings changes to the type approval of tractors

20.03.2017 News

The popular 5000-euro innovation voucher of Tekes supports internationalisation

24.02.2017 News

VTT Expert Services enters cooperation in Russia with actors in the Cherepovets region

14.02.2017 Customer story

Lammin Ikkuna’s journey from carpentry workshop to tech firm – Signal Window brings new dimension to windows

13.02.2017 Customer story

AQUA-Q used the environmental technology verification (ETV) method to verify the environmental claims of a water quality monitoring device

10.02.2017 News

Winter testing of tyres in support of tyre makers’ R&D – See also the video

02.02.2017 News

Accreditation regarding the new test standard ISO 16890 for ventilation air filters

15.12.2016 Customer story

Finnish insulation manufacturer Finnfoam Oy favours a Finnish testing service





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