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VTT News: VTT to sell its testing, inspection and certification operations to Eurofins Scientific Group

Kotkamills developed a recyclable disposable cup

Vibration testing ensures that equipment functions even under severe conditions

VTT Expert Services Oy participates to Cherepovets International Industrial Forum in Russia

Quality to house construction with the Healthy House certificate

Build an information security management system in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard

An engineering office uses the quality management system for sparring purposes

Most building product type approval decrees will expire on 31 December 2017 – What will happen to type approvals?

Eurovent certification brings the world’s leading filter manufacturers to Espoo for testing

Cold, hot and wet – environmental testing of large machines in Vihti

A new international ISO standard to serve as a basis of occupational health and safety systems

KaVo Kerr Group Finland ensured through testing that its packaging protects the product from transport-induced stresses

ISO 27001 information security system certification helps manage information security risks

The test track is not for racing but the testing of work machines

Prerequisites for good indoor air – 6 key factors

Vallox Oy uses the VTT product certificate to prove the functioning of their products under real conditions

The change in air filter standard from a manufacturer's perspective

Riding with a boat surveyor - Aquador 35aq, the new model from Bella Boats under inspection


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