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Services for the designers and manufacturers of work boats


​We offer services related to official approval and product development to the designers, manufacturers and users of work boats.

​Statutory or voluntary work boat inspections, and calculations and examinations based on applied shipbuilding theory and strength theory are our specialties.

We are very familiar with the different statutes and standards that apply to work boats, as we are also actively involved in their development. Our know-how of the design and building methods and construction materials used in boats and small vessels is comprehensive.

​Our services are

  • Work boat inspections: Trafi Work Boat Guidelines, FMAW, SOLAS, NBS…
  • Stability and unsinkability calculations, stability information booklets with the NAPA software
  • Structural calculations for requirements or the optimisation of the structure
  • Measurements and analysis of the boat's performance
  • Analysis and testing services for materials and components
  • Assessments related to the specification of the ordered work boat
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Tel. +358 20 722 7070
Fax +358 20 722 7001
Opening hours 9:00 - 11:00 and
12:00 - 15:00,
GMT +2 time zone