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Building material emissions as part of CE marking – Testing standard published



​Over the next few years, the CE marking will introduce changes to requirements related to the emission of dangerous substances from construction products. The relevant new emission measurement testing standard was published in October 2013.

Preparation of the EN standard on emissions of dangerous substances from construction products is also under work; Product Manager Helena Järnström, VTT Expert Services Ltd, is involved in this process as a member of TG22 within CEN 351 WG2.

“The new standards harmonise the various national practices related to the requirements for emissions of dangerous substances. This means construction material manufacturers in Finland will also face new testing requirements,” says Järnström.

Stricter requirements

The new CE marking requirements – concerning individual compounds, for example – will in future be stricter than those for M1 marking. Instead of declaring one emission value, individual values must be declared for each compound if the product is marketed in all EU countries.

Further changes will apply to the time of testing. Products for M1 marking undergo testing at four weeks old, whereas the new requirements will also include testing at three days.

The new emission requirements will not apply to CE marking of construction materials until 2015. “However, these new requirements should be considered now while new products are being developed. This will help to eliminate surprises later when the product is already on the market and the new requirements enter into force,” says Järnström.

VTT Expert Services is an expert in emission measurements

Our services help you verify that your products meet the requirements for the emission of dangerous substances. You can determine the characteristics according to the national classification (M1), or prepare in advance for the future new requirements of the CE marking.

Our extensive selection of test chambers enables testing of both small and large products/test pieces. The large chambers allow testing of complete structures, doors, or concrete blocks, for example.

We perform accredited emission measurements of building materials (accredited by Finas T001 1.09) according to the M1 classification testing protocol and the ISO 16000-9 standard, on which the future CE testing standard will be based. Our testing laboratory is approved by the Building Information Group and the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira.

Our services                                                   

  • Laboratory measurement of building material emissions according to ISO 16 000-9 and -10 standards (chambers range from 100 litres to 4.5 cubic metres and FLEC chambers) 
  • Accelerated ageing in a test chamber 
  • Formaldehyde testing according to the EN717-1 standard 
  • On-site measurement of building material emissions from actual structures according to ISO 16 000-10 standard (FLEC chamber) 
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