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CE marking becomes mandatory for steel and aluminium structures


CE marking becomes mandatory for structural steel structures and load bearing profiled products on 1 July 2014. This applies to products such as frames for buildings, bridges, masts, towers, pylons, columns, pillars, non-pressure vessels, railings and so on.

After 1 July 2014, only CE-marked products are allowed to enter the market.

CE marking verifies the conformance of steel and aluminium structures according to the EN 1090-1 standard. Technical requirements are listed in standards EN 1090-2 and EN 1090-3.

The CE marking can be attached to the product when:

  • The manufacturer has issued a written description of its factory production supervision according to EN 1090-1 in a FCP manual (Factory Production Control);
  • A notified body, such as VTT Expert Services Ltd, has inspected the FPC manual, performed an initial quality control inspection at the factory and granted a CE certificate;
  • The manufacturer has drafted a Declaration of Performance (DoP) for the product according to the CPD.

The body introducing the product to the market is responsible for attaching the CE marking to the product, but the entire production chain, including suppliers, must be documented and inspected.

Gather the required information and documents and contact a Notified Body

First, it is good to get started with the FCP manual.

The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries has created a useful template for this. Click here for the FTC manual template (in Finnish).

We also recommend that you contact a Notified Body, such as VTT Expert Services Ltd, early enough to avoid delays in obtaining your CE marking.

We provide comprehensive services as a Notified Body

VTT Expert Services Ltd is a Notified Body for construction products. We provide comprehensive services to help you with your CE marking process.

As an accredited body, we certify quality management systems according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard. Save time and money by combining the certification of your quality system with other quality monitoring.

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