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Independent Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) supports the credibility of new technologies




Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) is a reliable method of verifying the performance of new and innovative environmental technologies. ETV is a voluntary verification method initiated an overseen by the European Commission.

In the system, accredited and nominated verification bodies verify the claims related to environmental technologies in accordance with the agreed method. These verification reports and statements of verification are stored in a public database – without disclosing any trade secrets.

The manufacturers and representatives of the assessed technology can use the ETV report and the verification statement in their marketing and technical documentation.

New environmental technologies                            

This method applies to all technologies and services whose use is less environmentally harmful than relevant alternatives. The purpose of ETV is to promote the market entry of new, environmentally friendly innovations.

Technology areas currently covered by the ETV eligibility criteria:

  • Energy 

  • Materials, waste and resources 

  • ​Water 

Benefits of ETV for Finnish manufacturers

  • Reliable and credible 

  • Assessment and verification of the positive environmental effects of a new technology 

  • Verified by an independent, accredited body 

  • Publication on the website 

  • ​Adheres to the harmonised European procedure 

  • Compatible with many similar systems applied outside Europe 

  • Helps introduce new technologies to the market 

  • Makes it possible to verify performance before standards are available 

  • Helps buyers make informed decisions based on comparison 

  • A foundation for public procurement 

  • ​Ideal additional marketing method 

​Accredited bodies guarantee reliability

Verification according to existing, agreed guidelines The Commission has assigned technical groups to steer the programme, consisting of experts and representatives of involved bodies from each participating country. The programme is coordinated by a Steering Group where Finland is represented by the Ministry of Environment.

Verification Bodies that perform assessments are key bodies in the programme. Additional resources include test and analysis laboratories, the services of which are subcontracted by the Verification Bodies.

All the above-mentioned bodies must be accredited to ensure that the EVR programme is reliable and credible, which makes it mutually recognisable with other programmes. The programme and infrastructure are already in place, and dozens of assessment are currently being performed by the European Verification Bodies.

VTT Expert Services Oy is a Finnish ETV Verification Body

VTT Expert Services Oy was assigned the status of a Verification Body towards the end of 2013, and the first verification project is currently ongoing. We offer our clients Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) services.

VTT Group's extensive expertise is utilised in these services. VTT Expert Services Ltd is part of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd and is responsible for its commercial verification and expert services.

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