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Construction product approval procedures


Construction product regulations

Construction products are subject to the Construction Products Regulation (the CPR) and national legislation in Finland. The Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council laying down harmonised conditions for the marketing of construction products came into effect in its entirety on 1 July 2013 and is directly applicable in its original form.

With the introduction of the CPR, CE marking became mandatory in Finland for products that have an existing harmonised European Standard (hEN) or products that have documented their performance with an European Technical Assessment (ETA) document.

The CE marking is the manufacturer's declaration of conformance with a harmonised European Standard or ETA and of the fact that an independent notified body has carried out the necessary assessment and verification tasks.

CE marking is an unified method of communication for product qualities but does not address the product's fitness for its intended use. That and any target-specific requirements should always be assessed separately. The manufacturer must also draw up a Declaration of Performance (DoP) to accompany the CE marking.

National approval procedures

Due to the entry into force of the CPR, legislation concerning national product approvals was updated in Finland. The Act on the Approval of Certain Construction Products (954/2012) came into force on 1 July 2013.

According to the Act, construction products outside the scope of any harmonised product standard or European Technical Assessment (ETA) for which the CE marking cannot be used can use voluntary national approval procedures.

National approval procedures

  • Type approval
  • Verification certificate
  • Certification of production quality control


In addition to these, it is possible to use verification on the construction site when no other procedure applies and when the building supervision authority has reason to suspect that the product does not fulfil the essential technical requirements.

Type approval and verification certificates are used to approve construction products when the products in question affect the fulfilment of the essential technical requirements of the building. The selected procedure depends on the effect of the product on the fulfilment of these requirements.

Less demanding products typically obtain a verification certificate. Type approval and verification certification are only granted for products that meet the approval criteria and use verified quality management practices. Approval criteria is based on the type approval decrees issued by the Ministry of the Environment or the product verification assessment criteria approved by the Ministry of the Environment.

In the certification of production quality control, the manufacturer uses and maintains an internal quality control system in the factory with which it is possible to confirm that the characteristics of the product fulfil the essential technical requirements set for it for the intended use.

A certifying body for quality control approved by the Ministry of the Environment can certify the internal manufacturing quality control system. The assessment criteria used by the certifying body is stated in the certificate. If type approval or verification certificate cannot be used, the manufacturer can apply for the certification of production quality control.

National approval procedures are voluntary to the manufacturer, but place obligations on the construction supervisor authorities when applied.

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