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An expert in building health is called for to identify mould problems


Building health experts are trained experts with versatile knowledge in the condition and health of buildings certified by VTT.

You can search for building health experts (in Finnish) at

"They help to identify damages caused by mould or dampness in homes or public buildings (schools, daycare centres, hospitals, business premises) as well as negative effects of poor indoor air quality, such as health problems.

They also assess the condition of buildings during the sales process, for example," says Product Manager Lina Markelin-Rantala who is responsible for personnel certification at VTT Expert Services.

Building health experts have more versatile expertise than surveyors

A building health expert has the skills and knowledge to asses the effect of the identified damages or faults in the building to indoor air quality, which may have an adverse impact on health.

They already hold an engineering or architecture qualification for example, and have complemented it by additional studies in areas such as indoor environment, building health, building physics, building renovation and ventilation technologies.

"While a surveyor typically inspects the overall condition and durability of structures, building health experts have additional expertise in assessing possible damages, indoor air quality and health hazards. When performing condition inspections for example, they make an overall assessment in terms of indoor quality, which is critically linked to health," she continues. 

VTT certification helps identify reliable professionals

Only professionals certified by VTT are entitled to call themselves building health experts.

The certificate indicates that the expert has adequate basic training, versatile additional training and industry experience. Certified experts also maintain their professional skills by working in the industry, reporting on work performed and by attending further training.

Experts must have at least three years of experience in the inspection of buildings that have moisture or mould damage or other indoor air problems; repair planning, site management or monitoring, or working as an expert or manager in the field of construction or environmental health.

Building health expertise is required in the construction of new buildings as well as the renovation of existing building stock.

"Mould problems have remained a hot topic in Finland for a long time, as well as the challenges related to the condition of our building stock. As the buildings stock ages, we need more skilled experts who can assess the condition of buildings, identify problems with indoor air quality and assess the renovation needs."

"We also need to use these expert services to assess new buildings and factors that have a negative impact on health and living comfort (indoor air, possible moisture or mould damages)."

Go to to search for building health experts

Building health experts certified by VTT can be found (in Finnish) at

Searches can be filtered by different factors, such as area. To date, VTT has issued some 100 certifications to building health experts.

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