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Sail safely - demand a boat with VTT certification plate


Ensure safe sailing by making sure that your boat has a certification plate from VTT. The blue VTT certification plate has been attached to more than 200,000 boats to date.

A boat carrying the plate has been type-examined and CE certified by VTT, an independent party. It fulfils the European safety requirements for stability, buoyancy and other structural qualities.

The VTT plate furthermore indicates that the electrical and other installations of the boat as well as its fuel system have been tested and are safe to use.

The VTT certification plate also functions as a builder's plate, giving important information to the user of the boat, such as the maximum number of persons the boat is designed to carry, the maximum recommended load, the maximum rated engine power, the maximum engine weight as well as the design class of the boat. The plate may also state the maximum load and number of persons for two loading types or design classes.

For information on certified models (in Finnish), go to

If you are in the process of buying a boat, check the boat certifications at

When buying a boat, check that the boat has the following:

  • VTT certification plate;
  • owner's handbook and a Declaration of Confirmation (DoC) from the manufacturer.


We also recommend the following:

  • read the owner's handbook, use the boat accordingly and take into consideration the restrictions specified in the builder's plate;
  • ensure that you have adequate safety equipment on board, such as life jackets, a hand-bailer and oars or a paddle.
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