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Drop a boat - on purpose


Lamor Corporation, a Finnish company providing solutions for optimal oil spill prevention, acquired a CTT certificate for its catamaran-hulled Lamor Seahunter boat. A drop-test was performed so as to test its structure.

The hull is roto moulded from thermoplastic (PE) in one piece. Drop-test was selected as an approval criterion, because the structure standard does not provide guidelines for PE dimensions. According to the standard, the drop height was determined based on the speed and length of the boat, and came to some 1.5 metres.

Drop-test in practice

The boat was loaded up to its maximum permitted load, lifted to 1.5 metres and dropped into the sea with the hull on an even keel. After an almighty splash, the structures of the hull were inspected in order to identify any damage caused by the drop. Since none were found, it could be confirmed that the hull structure fulfils the requirements of the standard.


Drop-tests can be part of the CE certification process

All boats on sale in the EU must be CE certified. The structure of the boat is usually assessed based on the calculations specified in the ISO 12215 series of standards.

The ISO 12215 series of standards contains load determination models and calculation formulae for common materials used in the construction of boats, such as wood, steel, aluminium and reinforced plastic. If any other material is used, the structure must assessed with either a usage test or drop-test.

The drop-test is performed based on measurements that specify load on the hull by wave impact and bouncing on the waves. If the boat can withstand one drop from the specified height, the standard deems the structure rigid enough to withstand smaller long-term loads.

The drop-test is a very demanding test for boat structures. Typically, only rescue vessels outside the scope of EU recreational craft directive require drop-tests.

CE certification ensures boat safety

In addition to its structure, the installations, steering properties as well as the blueprints and structural documentation of a CE certified boat have also been assessed.

A boat carrying the CE mark fulfils the European safety requirements for stability, buoyancy and other structural qualities.

As an accredited Notified Body (NB No. 0537), VTT Expert Services Ltd verifies the compliance of boats, boat equipment and production according to the requirements of the EU recreational craft directive.

Boats certified by VTT Expert Services Ltd carry a blue VTT certification plate. 
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