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Ecodesign requirements become part of CE marking - Interpretation of regulations is challenging


CE marking will also apply to ecodesign requirements in the future

In recent years, awareness of CE marking has increased in the construction industry. The Construction Products Regulation requires that the manufacturer presents a Declaration of Performance (DoP) for products that carry the CE marking. This helps designers assess whether the product is suitable for their project. However, many professionals in the industry are not aware that the EU has introduced binding Ecodesign Regulations for construction products with the objective of improved energy efficiency and reduced emissions.   

Once regulations apply to a product, it cannot enter the market or be taken into use without a CE marking. A product may be subject to regulations such as the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), the Energy-Related Products (ErP) Directive, the Energy Labelling (ER) Directive and many other directives, such as the Machinery Directive (MD).

Interpretation of ecodesign regulations is challenging

The most recent ecodesign regulations apply, for example, to heat pumps, boilers, water heaters, circulators, ventilation fans, residential ventilation and kitchen hoods.

There are numerous uncertainties and open questions that make the implementation and interpretation of the regulations difficult. The Commission has published an FAQ document to clarify these.
You can download it here:

In addition, the Commission has commissioned a Technical Assistance Study for the Ventilation Units Product Group.
Further reading:

Preparations of future regulations for products such as windows are currently at an early stage. 
You can find more information about this here.

Maintained by the Finnish Energy Authority, (in Finnish) is the official information channel for the ecodesign and energy labelling directives. The Energy Authority works with the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Employment and the Economy to prepare domestic legislation based on the ecodesign and energy labelling directives.

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