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Start aligning boats with the revised Recreational Craft Directive in good time


​The transitional period for the new Recreational Craft Directive ends on 17 January 2017. Boats brought to market after this date must conform with the new directive.

In practice, this means that all models must conform to the new standards when the new production season starts in autumn 2016.

Any models that have not been updated by 17 January 2017 cannot be sold in EU markets after that date. This same requirement also governs CE-marked boating equipment, such as fuel tanks, fuel hoses, spark-protected electrical devices, etc. 

20% early-bird discount

As a Notified Body, VTT Expert Services Ltd brings EC-type approved models in line with the new Recreational Craft Directive. If all boats are to be updated in time, we need to get to work now.

We're offering our customers a 20% discount on updates. This offer is valid when updates are ordered and performed by 31 January 2016.

The discount price for updating a medium-sized rowing boat is about EUR 300–1,400, depending on the extent of the required updates.

The extent of the required updates depends on when the current model was last certified. The longer it is since the boat was last inspected, the more updates it will require.

What does a model update involve?

Ensuring stability involves the most work. The requirements for the stability standard have changed and the human body weights used in the offset load test have increased. This means that models will be evaluated against the new requirements either empirically or computationally.

If a centre-console boat has an open space in the bow, there will be requirements for draining this space. Decked boats will have requirements for bulwark height or, alternatively, for the drainage holes in self-draining open spaces or stability when an open space contains water.

Electrical installation standards and fuel standards have been revised and may bring some changes. Companies that manufacture CE-marked fuel tanks will also have to update their tanks. This may mean new tests for tanks.

There have also been changes in, for example, boarding boats from the water.

The Owner's Manual must also contain details of the boat's maximum loading capacity.

What to do

  • Consider which boats or CE-marked boating equipment you will manufacture and sell in 2017.
  • Contact your VTT liaison and set a date for the updates.

Our experts will first run through your model's current documentation and inspection logs and use them to draw up a list of requirements.

This is also a good time to make any other updates to your boats, as they can easily be inspected in conjunction with the update.

We can also offer inspections and updates to new customers.

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