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VTT Expert Services Ltd (a Machinery Directive Notified Body) now offers EC type approval services for logic units for safety functions


VTT Expert Services Ltd is a Notified Body for the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC (Notified Body no. 0537) . We offer EC-type approval services for products that require special testing for compliance and CE marking.

EC-type examinations

An EC-type examination is the procedure by which a Notified Body checks and guarantees that a particular model of machine complies with the Machinery Directive or a comparable directive's standards.

As a Notified Body, we inspect the following machines and safety components that require EC-type examinations:

  • Vehicle maintenance hoists
  • Equipment for lifting people or people and goods that involves a risk of falling from a height of over three metres
  • Logic units for safety functions

Logic units are complex components

The 'logic units for safety functions' referred to in the Machinery Directive are complex components that meet the definition of a safety component and analyse one or more incoming signals. They use an algorithm to generate one or more outgoing signals. Logic units are used in or in conjunction with machine control systems in order to perform one or more safety functions.

However, the control system as a whole is not considered to be a logic unit. Electromechanical detectors or simple switching devices that only transform an incoming signal into an outgoing signal are not considered logic units either.

The following are considered logic units for safety functions: 

  • Safety logic
  • Logic units for two-handed control devices
  • Logical processing components for safety system signals used in bus and coach safety

Safety components governed by the Machinery Directive

  • Perform a safety function
  • Have been independently brought to market
  • A fault and/or malfunction would endanger personal safety
  • Not necessary for the functionality of the machine or could be replaced by a standard component
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