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Finnish insulation manufacturer Finnfoam Oy favours a Finnish testing service


​Finnfoam Oy, established in 1982, is a family-owned company that manufactures waterproofing and thermal insulation boards and overall structural solutions. Their products include Finnfoam (XPS), FF-EPS, FF-PIR insulation boards, and Tulppa wet room boards. As a new product, the company is about to launch a patented FF-Wall system for exterior walls. All these insulations are mildew-proof, plastic-based, laminar thermal insulation materials

Finnfoam thermal insulation boards have been produced since the establishment of the company. The production of Tulppa waterproofing boards began in 2011, that of FF-EPS in 2013 and that of FF-PIR in 2014. The thermal insulation should always be selected according to its proposed use, in other words, the properties required by the project. There is an optimal use for each thermal insulation material produced by Finnfoam.

More than 30 years of collaboration​

VTT and VTT Expert Services Ltd have been cooperating with Finnfoam since it was established. "The oldest research report I have found is from 1982, when we studied the compressive strength properties of Finnfoam's thermal insulation board," says Technical Manager Toni Fagerström.

"A domestic approach is strongly present in everything we do, and therefore VTT was a natural choice for our cooperation partner. VTT also has a lot of know-how of performing different studies for the products we manufacture. Our questions have always been answered, and we have received testing assistance even for our most demanding research requests. In addition, VTT can also usually implement the studies relatively quickly," Fagerström continues.

Products for demanding use have VTT certification

Finnfoam has sought a VTT product certificate for all its products for demanding use.  "It is good to have the functionality of such products verified by a third party. The VTT certificate is also a natural way of verifying that products with no harmonised product standard function properly in structures. The VTT certificate also has a very good reputation among architects, structural engineers and builders," says Toni Fagerström in explanation of why Finnfoam seeks and uses the certificate.

"The testing process usually begins with mapping of the testing needs with VTT Expert Services, after which they give us a written offer. After this, we deliver the boards to be tested to VTT Expert Services or, depending on the AVCP class of the product, they come and select the boards to be tested. The duration of testing varies from about two month to two years, depending on the curing and testing time requirements," Fagerström points out.

The Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance (AVCP) system defines how the Notified Body participates in the verification of the product's characteristics and quality assurance.

The certification and ETA approval processes are usually long and relatively complicated, due to, for instance, the planning of testing procedures, drawing up the EAD documentation (European Assessment Document) and, in some cases, long testing periods.

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