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AQUA-Q used the environmental technology verification (ETV) method to verify the environmental claims of a water quality monitoring device



Swedish firm, AQUA-Q AB has developed a simple and reliable commercial device for the continuous monitoring of the quality and treatment of various types of water. AQUA-Q wanted to demonstrate the capabilities and environmental claims of its technology on the markets. The environmental technology verification, or ETV, method was selected as a tool. VTT Expert Services verified AQUA-Q's innovative technology.

AQUA-Q's device automatically monitors the quality of water taken from a by-pass flow. If the device detects changes in the water, indicating possible microbiological contamination, it alerts the user by text message and automatically takes water samples.

Sudhir Chowdhury, the CEO of AQUA-Q AB, says the following about the benefits of ETV:

"We think that this verification technique will strengthen our marketing and are in discussions with other companies. It is helpful that, as well as the EU, an independent institute has verified and certified that our innovation, AQUATRACK®, does as we claim. This is also the first time that an early warning system for drinking water, as well as for reclaimed water, has been verified. This will provide consumer safety and higher quality control for utilities and water industries."

What is the environmental technology verification, ETV?

ETV, a verification method developed via an EU pilot programme, was created to help new and innovative environmental technologies onto the market and to gain the trust of potential buyers. Using this method, performance-related claims are verified on the basis of jointly agreed quality criteria and key information is posted on a jointly supervised website. /ecoap/etv/verified-technologies_en

ETV is an EU-wide method which is in active use in several Member States. A total of 17 different technologies have already been evaluated, with work in progress on another 175. The International Organization for Standardisation, ISO, has published standard ISO 14034 on the ETV method, based on which verifications can be accepted worldwide.

VTT Expert Services as a partner

VTT Expert Services Oy is an accredited verifier of environmental technologies. We also act as a member of the  VerifiGlobal Alliance and can provide ETV evaluations with worldwide validity. Canada and the USA and, in the Far East, Korea and China are regions (in addition to Europe) that have a national ETV system which is compatible with the new ISO 14034 standard.

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