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ISO 27001 information security system certification helps manage information security risks



With the advent of digitalisation, the importance of securing your information is emphasised. As services and business go online, the requirements on information security become stricter. The end of the transition period of the currently valid EU's General Data Protection Regulation in May 2018 further increases the requirements related to the information security of personal data. With an ISO 27001 certificate, a company can reliably prove that its affairs are in order with regard to information security.

The ISO 27001 standard makes it easier to create and maintain an information security management system

The ISO 27001 standard makes it easier to specify crucial controls related to information security and to scale them to the correct level from the perspective of risk management.

The ISO 27001 standard can be applied to building an information security management system that meets the needs of the company and to maintaining it. The system must take into account, for example, the requirements set for its operations by legislation, customers, etc.

The system enables the streamlining of IT management and maintenance processes. The planning of changes and updates, for example, becomes more efficient when documentation is seen to, and information security and its practices are under control. One of the greatest benefits for business and its continuity is that information security risks are identified and brought under control. 

Benefits of a certified information security management system

  • Helps in the creation, maintenance and development of processes related to the processing and management of data.
  • Creates a clear competitive advantage through the deployment of best practices and the increased efficiency of operations.
  • The company personnel become aware of information security and its requirements on their own activities as part of the organisation.
  • Proves the conformity of the company's operations and products with regard to information security.
  • Positive development of the company image.
  • Enables the expansion of business operations to new areas in which special requirements have been set for information security.
  • Increased satisfaction of the company's stakeholders and reduced number of separate assessment visits by customers, as the system has been assessed and certified by an independent and impartial third party.

VTT Expert Services as an ISO 27001 certifier

We perform assessments and certifications of information security systems in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard. Our assessors are experienced and competent and will help your company in matters related to the certification of an information security system.

The ISO 27001 pre-audit allows you to determine the maturity level and certification readiness of your company's information security system.​

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