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A new test standard for ventilation air filters has been approved


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​Standard EN 779 for ventilation air filters will be replaced by the new ISO 16890 standard. The new ISO 16890 standard is based on the American ASHRAE 52.2 standard and the nowadays widely used European EN 779 standard.​

Classification principles will be changed​

The standard has been approved and will be published until the end of year 2016. VTT Expert Services has developed its filter laboratory in order to apply for accreditation according to the new standard. We are ready to offer our services when the new standard has been published.

The filters are classified in four main classes in the new standard. These classes are ePM1, ePM2,5, ePM10 and ISO Coarse. The new classification is based on the particle size range 0,3 – 10 µm and not only one particle size 0,4 µm. Coarse filters are assessed according to the arrestance ability only.

The new standard gives a possibility to estimate the air filter’s impact on the indoor air quality when the local PM (particulate matter) values of outdoor air are known.

What will change ​

  • Test aerosols DEHS (0,3 - 1 µm), KCl (1 - 10 µm)
  • Conditioning (discharging) is made on the complete filter
  • Test dust changes from ASHRAE test dust to ISO A2 test dust (ISO 12103-1)
  • Test dust concentration increases from 70 mg/m³ to 140 mg/m³
  • Dust loading is not compulsory for ePM classes, but Eurovent energy classification will be based on it.
  • Test dust loading is made on the conditioned filter.
  • Classification changes completely
  • Main classes are ISO ePM1, ISO ePM2,5, ISO ePM10 and ISO Coarse
  • The ePM class reporting value is the average of initial efficiency and conditioned efficiency of the filter rounded down to the nearest multiple of 5 % points.​​​
  • ISO Coarse class reporting value is the initial arrestance value.

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