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EC type examination of machines


​The EC type-examination related to the demonstration of a machine's conformity and the CE marking.

In the EU area, machines are expected to conform to the requirements of the Machinery Directive. It is the duty of the manufacturer of the machine to ensure that when placed on the market, the machine meets the essential health and safety requirements that apply to it. 

Only machines that conform to the requirements may freely move within the EU. The CE marking affixed to the machine demonstrates this.

EC type-examination is the procedure whereby a notified body ascertains and certifies that a representative model of machinery referred to in Annex IV  satisfies the provisions of Machine  Directive

Eurofins Expert Services is a Notified Body (No. 0537) in accordance with the Machinery Directive. 

As a Notified Body, we inspect machines and safety components covered by the EC type inspection type-examination​
  • Vehicle servicing lifts
  • Devices for the lifting of persons or of persons and goods involving a hazard of falling from a vertical height of more than three metres
  • Logic units to ensure safety functions

Logic units used to ensure safety functions include 
  • Safety logic
  • Logic units of two-hand control devices
  • Logic processing components of bus safety system signals related to safety
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