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CE-marking for Ex-equipment and ATEX


Eurofins Expert Services is an accredited institute (FINAS) for inspection of explosion protected equipment and a Notified body according to ATEX directive.

​Our services cover all of the evaluation methods by ATEX directive, that concern equipments. We are also the archive holder to device class 2 and M2 non-electrical equipment documents.

As a Notified body of ATEX directive 2014/34/ECU, we grant electrical and mechanical equipment EU type approval certificates and approvals for the manufacturer's quality program.

These together allow the manufacture draft a conformity assurance and use CE marking. We have also right to receive and hold the technical documents of device class 2 (other than electrical equipment).

The conformity assurance documents

The manufacturer must hand out the following documents with the equipment to the user

  • EU declaration of conformity
  • Installation, use and maintenance instructions

A Notified body grants the following documents depending on the method in use

  • EC type examination certificate
  • Quality assurance notification
  • Notification according to the type
  • Conformity assurance certificate

What is ATEX?

ATEX refers to European Council directive 2014/34/EU (from 20.4.2016)​, which applies to all devices and machines that have come to the markets after June 30th, 2003 and are to be used in explosive atmospheres.

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