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Fire safety of building elements


Regulations and classifications

According to Part E1 of the National Building Code of Finland, building elements are classified in accordance with classification standard SFS-EN 13501-2 in terms of their fire resistance. The fire class of a building element is expressed in minutes that the element shall retain its loadbearing and/or separating function. The general requirements for fire resistance tests are presented in the standard EN 1363-1. In addition there are several specific EN test standards for various building elements.

Accredited testing methods

We carry out fire tests for non-loadbearing walls according to the standard EN 1364-1. Tests are performed in a vertical furnace and the typical size of the specimen is 3 m x 3 m. It is also possible to test bigger test specimens. With custom-made arrangements the tested structure may be even 4 m high or 5 m wide.

Loadbearing walls are tested according to the standard EN 1365-1.

In addition to integrity (E), insulation (I) and loadbearing capacity (R), we can test mechanical action (M) according to EN 1363-2 in our laboratory. The mechanical action means the ability of the element to withstand impact without prejudice to the R, E, and/or I performance, and it is required for fire walls.

Loadbearing floors and roofs are tested in our horizontal furnace according to the standard EN 1365-2. The minimum size of the test specimen is 4 m (span) x 3 m (width). The test arrangement and loading are structure specific.

We also offer testing in accordance with standards:

  • EN 1364-2 Non-loadbearing elements, ceilings
  • EN 1365-3 Loadbearing elements, beams
  • EN 1365-4 Loadbearing elements, columns
  • EN 1365-6 Loadbearing elements, stairs
  • EN 14135 Coverings
  • ENV 13381-4, EN 13381-4, EN 13381-8 Fire protection of steel structures
  • ENV 13381-3, EN 13381-3 Fire protection of concrete structures
  • NT FIRE 017 Filing and data cabinets

We make test plans to cover extensive end use applications on request.

Fire classification and EXAP-reports for building elements

We produce Extended Application (EXAP) and Classification reports for building elements as requested. These services are accredited, too.

Accredited services

Our testing services are accredited in compliance with SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by FINAS (Finnish Accreditation Service). Our competence scope of Fire Safety is presented in FINAS decision T001, Appendix 1.11. The valid scope can be found via our Accreditations -site.

We also function as a Notified Body. Our experts possess strong expertise in approval testing using various methods.

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