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Fire safety of doors


Regulations and classifications

According to Part E1 of the National Building Code of Finland, building elements are classified in accordance with classification standard SFS-EN 13501-2 in terms of their fire resistance. Fire classes E 30 – E 120 and EI2 15 – EI2 240 are used for doors in Finland. In addition, a safety distance (W ≤ 10 KW/m2) from combustible materials and passageways in exits has been determined for structures that emit thermal radiation. In addition, classes EI1 15 – EI1 240 and EW 20 – EW 60, in which W ≤ 15 KW/m2, can be used in other countries.

Accredited testing methods

We offer testing in accordance with the standard EN 1634-1 for

  • timber, steel and composite doors
  • glass doors and metal framed glazed doorsets
  • hinged, pivoted, folding, tilting or sliding doors
  • rolling shutter assemblies
  • operable fabric curtains
  • openable windows
  • hatches


Tests for doors and openable windows are performed in a vertical furnace. The door is of the size that will be used in practice. For performing the test, the specimens are mounted in a rigid or flexible wall of size 3 m x 3 m or some other practical structure. It is also possible to test bigger test specimens. With custom-made arrangements the tested structure may be even 4 m high or 5 m wide.

We make test plans to cover extensive end use applications on request.

Lift landing doors are tested in accordance with the standard EN 81-58. A canopy is used above the door, together with special measuring equipment for determining the leakage which is used as one of the test criteria.

Fire classification and EXAP-reports

We produce Extended Application (EXAP) and Classification reports for doors as requested. These services are accredited, too.

Accredited services

Our testing services are accredited in compliance with SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by FINAS (Finnish Accreditation Service) . Our competence scope of Fire Safety is presented in FINAS decision T001, Appendix 1.11. The valid scope can be found via our Accreditations -site.

We also function as a Notified Body. Our experts possess strong expertise in approval testing using various methods.

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