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Special fire testing


We plan, design and perform special fire tests for our customers' needs. Most of the special testing assignments are conducted according to a standard.  Some are however completely tailored according to the wishes of the customer.

We plan, design and perform special tailored tests to ensure and verify features of products, when there are no suitable standards or other services available. This special service is intended for customers who want to enter the markets in Finland, Europe or elsewhere in the world and show features of products. If needed, we are able to design an individual testing method tailored for your product.

Contact us and let's plan together a tailored testing for your product to increase your competitiveness.

Situations, where special testing is required

The need for special testing can come from the listed reasons, for example:

  • There is no existing service that would suit the customer's need
  • Testing is required for MED
  • A certification institute requires it (standard or special test)
  • CE marking system (demands testing)
  • National requirements
  • National Application Standards (NAS) require special testing
  • Insurance company or authority requires special testing
  • Ensuring the conformity
  • Reconstruction of a flaw or accident
  • Requirements set by the markets or the market surveillance
  • Proofing of a product or a part of the product to be suitable for certain use or destination and safety of the product (for example requirements by administration)
  • Product development
  • Promoting the marketing of the company
  • Demonstration test or showcase for customers
  • Need for field testing


See the video about customer events (demonstration test / showcase) performed 

Example 1

Video about a demonstration fire testing which was conducted according to customer wishes by Eurofins Expert Services (previously known as VTT Expert Services). A stand with a shelter was built for the viewers outside the test hall with visibility to the test hall. The client invited several guests to watch the tests.


Example 2

A video published by our customer. The fire testing shown on the video is performed by Eurofins Expert Services (previously known as VTT Expert Services).The fire testing was tailored according to customer needs for a product release event.

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