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Examples of special testing, demonstration tests and show cases


​We plan, design and perform special fire tests for our customers' needs. Most of the special testing assignments are conducted according to a standard.  Some are however completely tailored according to the wishes of the customer.

Please contact us even if you do not find the suitable standard or service. Here below are presented other standards of which we possess testing expertise.



Test method

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Pipes, pipe components and hoses
Plastic pipes on shipsIMO Res. A 753Kimmo Kaukanen
Pipes and pipe componentsISO 19921 and ISO 19920 Kimmo Kaukanen
Hoses and hose componentsISO 15541 and ISO 15542 Kimmo Kaukanen
Boats – fuel hosesISO 7480, annex A Fire testKimmo Kaukanen
Fire safety products
Smoke detectorsEN 14604Kimmo Kaukanen
Cable reelsIEC 60332-1-2 Fire test for cable reelsKimmo Kaukanen
Other fire safety products Kimmo Kaukanen
Fire extinguishing systems Mika Hannuksela
Fire extinguishing systems – component testingIMO Res. A.800(19), IMO Res. MSC.265(84), IMO MSC/Circ.1165Mika Hannuksela
Sprinkler pipesUL 1821 Sprinkler pipes and componentsMika Hannuksela
Extinguishing systems of vehiclesFK-127Mika Hannuksela
Fire extinguishing systemsmm. FM 5560, UL 2167Mika Hannuksela
Fire safety of products  
Fire safety of garbage cans – test for correct safety distanceSpecial test according to VTT sertificate R 053Kimmo Kaukanen
Fire endurance test for explosion dampersSpecial test method for explosion dampers to withstand heatKimmo Kaukanen
Fire endurance of fuel tanks  
Fuel tanks (boats)SFS EN ISO 21487 (chapter 7.3 and 7.4)Kimmo Kaukanen
Fuel tanks (boats)SFS-EN ISO 10088 Annex B, Fire testKimmo Kaukanen
Fuel tanks (vehicles)EU Direktive 2000/8/EC, chapter 6.3.5 fire enduranceKimmo Kaukanen
Fire dampers – Durability of operational reliability  
Fire dampers – Durability of operational reliabilityEN 15650:2010 –ventilation for buildings –fire dampers, chapter Durability of operational reliability, annex  C, Cycling tests.Kimmo Kaukanen
Fire safety of cabinets
Fire safety of cabinets. Explosive cabinets, gas cabinets and data center cabinets EN 14470-1, EN 14470-2Markus Taipale
Behaviour of substances (under fire conditions)
Substances liable to spontaneous combustion Recommendations on the Transport of dangerous goods (fifth revised edition) The Manual of Tests and Criteria –Part III Classification procedures test methods and criteria relating to class 2, class 3, class 4, division 5.1 and, class 8 and class 9 –Section 33 Classification procedures, test methods and criteria relating to class 4 Kimmo Kaukanen
Substances which in contact with water emit flammable gasesKimmo Kaukanen
Sustained combustibility test.Kimmo Kaukanen
Candles and interior fire places
Fire safety of interior fire placesInterior fire placesKimmo Kaukanen
Fire safety of candles Kimmo Kaukanen
Field measurements / testing

Field measurements

Different measurements performed outside the laboratory (field tests). Kimmo Kaukanen
Demonstration tests / Showcases at Eurofins

Demonstration tests / Showcases at Eurofins

We perform demonstration tests and Showcases. Our customers can define demonstration tests to show the performance of their systems and products. We are able to build an auditorium outside the test hall, where guests can sit and watch even very demanding testing safe Kimmo Kaukanen
Kitchen equipment – stove guards

Stove guards and devices with a capability of preventive power cut-off and extinguishing charge

EN 60335-1, EN 50615Kimmo Kaukanen
Grease separators
Grease separator flame penetration testEN 16282-6Kimmo Kaukanen
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