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Testing services of thermal insulation products



​We provide testing services of thermal insulation products and materials for product development, market approval (CE-marking and Keymark) and quality assurance of production.

Our testing services cover mineral wool (MW), polystyrene (EPS), extruded polystyrene (XPS), polyurethane (PUR) and different kinds of wood fibre and cellular rubber insulation products according to their specific product standards. We also test various other insulation and building materials according to their specific product standards.

Most of the testing methods of Eurofins Expert Services are accredited by national accreditation services  (FINAS T001). Additionally Eurofins Expert Services is a notified body for a number of product standards.

We are happy to serve you in all your needs concerning testing, CE-marking and product approvals of thermal insulation materials and products.

The testing methods

We comply with the requirements of product and testing standards but when needed and possible we can also adapt the testing programs to your needs such as for product development purposes.

We have facilities and competence for the following standards:

Product charactristic/property Testing standard
Lenght and widthEN 822
ThicknessEN 823
SquarenessEN 824
FlatnessEN 825
Compressive strengthEN 826
Apparent densityEN 1602
Dimensional stability under laboratory conditions 23 oC, 50 % RHEN 1603
Dimensional stability under specified temperature and humidity conditionsEN 1604
Deformation under specified compressive load and temperature conditionsEN 1605
Compressive creepEN 1606
Tensile strength perpendicular to facesEN 1607
Tensile strength parallel to facesEN 1608
Term water absorption by partial immersionEN 1609
Linear dimensions of test specimensEN 12085
Water vapour transmission propertiesEN 12086
Long term water absorption by immersionEN 12087
Long term water absorption by diffusionEN 12088
Bending behaviourEN 12089
Shear behaviourEN 12090
Freeze-thaw resistanceEN 12091
Behaviour under point loadEN 12430
Thickness for floating floor insulating productsEN 12431
Airflow resistanceEN 29053
Hygroscopic sorption propertiesEN ISO 12571      
thermal resistance and thermal transmissionEN 12667,
EN 12939,
EN ISO 8497
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