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Static stability tests of mobile personnel lifts


We perform stability tests of mobile personnel lifts in our own testing area where we implement such tests as test loading. We apply lateral pull to the boom of an erected lift and measure the pulling forces and the support reactions of the lift supports, which are needed in determining the stability properties of the lift.

A static stability test is necessary in order to:

  • Verify that the product's properties meet the objectives. 
  • Verify the functionality of the modelling and calculation software used in the product's design, and their correspondence with the actual tests performed. 
  • Provide the designer with empirical data from an actual situation, and allow him or her to examine and determine the effect of different combinations of forces on the behaviour of the lift so as to ensure that it remains upright. 
  • Verify that the product meets the stability requirements of the applicable standard or legislation, such as the Machinery Directive. 
  • Be able to determine the lift's permitted and safe areas of reach based on the measurement results. 
  • Verify that the performance values ​​required by the product's user are achieved. 

Examples of in​spected machines​

  • Various mobile personnel lifts with a liftable work platform. 
  • Lifts employing a boom or mast. 
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